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Lemongrass Oil

If you are a big fan of Thai food ,then you are no doubt familiar with lemongrass. ItíŽs that sweet, citrus smelling plant that is absolutely divine in an abundance of recipes. But there are other uses for lemongrass íV particularly lemongrass essential oil, which is an important oil that is used in a variety of ways. Usually, lemongrass essential oil is used in skin care

The botanical name for lemongrass is cymbopogon citratus. It comes from a plant originally native to the country of Sri Lanka. Today, however, the plant is widely cultivated in Guatemala. The essential oil created from lemongrass is created through the process of steam distillation. Before this process can be initiated the leaves have to be dried out. The part of the plant that is used to manufacture lemongrass essential oil is the leaves.

Lemongrass essential oil is most commonly used in a variety of household products. Laundry detergents, air fresheners, and even pest repellents can use lemongrass oil. In addition, it is used in body care solutions including massage oils, stress reliever, and in bath water to create a soothing effect.

This variety of natural oil is also used in aromatherapy; however, its effectiveness is usually short lived. There are a variety of recipes that you can find on the web. These combinations are used in conjunction with other ingredients to create sprays, skin tonic, and other fine products.

If you are searching for more ways to use lemongrass essential oil, you should begin your search on the World Wide Web. The Internet, in case you haveníŽt noticed, has a wealth of information on the subject. In addition, you might want to head to a spa that provides aromatherapy to ask for specific information. While Internet information is highly helpful, you should always ask a professional before you use this form of oil. Even though it is a natural substance it must still be used in the proper way to achieve the best results.

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